Advantage of Bed and Breakfast Accommodation over Hotel Stay in Edinburgh

Bed and breakfast accommodation itself unique and live experience to live in home environment and treatment, where as hotel stay is costlier compare to B&B in Edinburgh. Both the staying options have their own pros and cons. B&B accommodation is one of the most economic stay option for a common people. It doesnt mean, there is any compromise in quality of service. You will get the same treatment and services, which you are looking for a comfortable stay. The plus point for B&B is good residential stay option at economic rate and homely treatment that is rarely can expect in hotel stay.

The modern B&BS are established in more professional way without any depreciation in heart touching feeling. In majority bed & breakfast units, the owner himself / herself taking care of each and every individual guests, though based on the number of room, the staff servants also serving the guests. The visitor discusses with them as a house member and can share their feelings with the staff and managers. They are very co-coordinating to do their best to make satisfy their guests. The feelings to the visitors are like a guest rather than a customer. This behavior and attitude of the staff and owner make a unique relationship that you can never forget during your entire life. The same living experience and touchy relationship, you cannot expect or find in hotel stay.

The B&B setup is neither inferior nor less decorative without the amenities compare to hotel rooms. The B&B rooms are clean, well decorative with quality carpets, good and smooth bed, exotic and peaceful paints on wall with airy passages make them unique than a hotel room. The room might be small compare to hotel room but can give you all amenities like wi-fi, internet, shower, parking, good bath tub for taking bath at leisure, lights, fan, AC, cupboards and everything to stay and feel living comforts. For further benefits and amenities to get at Bed & Breakfast, visit –

B&B stay can be a overnight or for few days. During your stay you can start your day with good and healthy breakfast made by the B&B staff. Thus you can get home made food one time. This can be a good experience for you if you are new to this culture and tradition. Delicious breakfast at no extra cost can make you happy at the start of the day. In hotels, you need to make order your breakfast with additional cost and that too will be served to you in your room, where as in B&B you can get your breakfast in a hall, talking with the guest house staff or owner about the city and daily news. If you are feeling lazy to be served your breakfast to your bed, no worries. The servant can serve your breakfast at your bed. Coffee and tea machines are placed in your room to get refresh as and when you feel and this all will be in very much low cost compare to hotel stay. Thus get high class residential services at very much affordable rates at B&B cheap guest house in Edinburgh that can give you the best feeling of living and thrill of life, homely treatment that you will not get in Hotel in Edinburgh, though spending more money.

Written by Goral Patel

This post is written by Goral Patel for Ben Craig Guest House which is one of the best Bed and Breakfast in Edinburgh.

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