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B&B is widely used term in UK for bed and breakfast. Bed and breakfast is a concept which was basically introduced for the travellers who needed an economic option of accommodation other than a hotel room. Staying in large chain of hotels, as everybody knows is very much expensive than staying in a B&B, and above all you get a personalised attention in a B&B which you can never get in a hotel, no matter how renowned and reputed it is. Staying in a B&B gives you a feeling as if you are staying in your home as you get the modern amenities with traditional hospitality. Edinburgh is a wonderful city to visit in Scotland and if you want to enjoy your trip to Edinburgh at the fullest, you need to stay in a B&B in Edinburgh. At B&B in Edinburgh, you have the opportunity of staying with the property owners who are the local residents of Edinburgh, which enables you to enjoy the rich Scottish culture. In old days, the Edinburgh B&Bs used to have old rooms with shabby linens, old furniture etc. But, this is not the case now. The B&Bs Edinburgh are also now well furnished similar to a good hotel room. The B&Bs in Edinburgh cannot be considered as inferior than hotels as far as aesthetic look and services are concerned. The rooms of B&B Edinburgh are aesthetically designed and the warm and welcoming staff, invite you for a delicious and nutritious breakfast every morning.

Choosing a Bed and Breakfast in Edinburgh

Many people choose to stay in a bed and breakfast while their visit to Edinburgh because of the hospitality and a feeling of home away from home they offer. In most of the bed and breakfast guesthouses in Edinburgh, the owners also live in the same premises. So, it is more likely that the visitors get personalised attention from even the owners of the B&B in Edinburgh. The visitors to the B&B in Edinburgh are not treated like customers, whereas they are treated like guests. In a hotel, this kind of personalised attention to the guests is not given and the customer services end at the front desk itself. The owners of B&Bs are deeply involved in serving the guests and help them in their each and every move. The owners provide the guests about all the information about the places to be visited in Edinburgh, places where they can dine out etc. They are more than happy to spend time with their guest at the lounge or on the dining table. Staying in a B&B gives you an opportunity to explore the city restaurants for your meals. So, now you have the freedom of eating your food whenever you like and wherever you like while staying in B&B in Edinburgh. Only the most important meal of your day and that is breakfast is served by the warm and welcoming staff of B&B with the regional specialities of Scotland which enables you to enjoy the culture of Scotland. Now, if you have decided to stay in a B&B in Edinburgh, there is a wide variety of Bed and breakfasts listed and you can choose one which meets your preferences. The below are the factors which should be considered before selecting a B&B in Edinburgh:-

  • The location of the Bed and breakfast in Edinburgh should be close to the places which are visitors attractions, so that you dont have to travel a lot to enjoy the sightseeing and other activities at Edinburgh.
  • The tariff of the B&B in Edinburgh should be suiting to your budget.
  • Give close attention to the facilities and amenities provided by the B&B in Edinburgh and make sure that they are as per your requirements.

So, now you know how to choose a B&B in Edinburgh, spend a little time in exploring the list of B&Bs available online and select the best which suits your requirement. To make your job easier, you can also visit http://www.bencraig.co.uk website of one of the most renowned B&Bs in Edinburgh and book a room which will make your trip to Edinburgh comfortable and convenient.

Written by Goral Patel

This post is written by Goral Patel for Ben Craig Guest House which is one of the best Bed and Breakfast in Edinburgh.

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