Can a Cheap Bed and Breakfast in Edinburgh be a Quality Accommodation?

Edinburgh is popularly known as a city of castles and palaces. Both business travelers and holiday tourists frequently come here in large numbers from all over the world. In fact many people specially come to enjoy the local events and city festivals.

So, if you are also planning to visit this fascinating city of Europe, you should book a bed and breakfast in Edinburgh, Scotland; because although there are several places to stay in Edinburgh, most of the visitors opt for a bed and breakfast Edinburgh because they are cheaper than a hotel room. In fact this cheap bed and breakfast in Edinburgh is also a quality accommodation in Edinburgh; because they offer high quality service and personal attention to all customers.

You always get a warm welcome at a homely b&b in Edinburgh. It is actually the homely atmosphere and generous owners that make you feel at home in a new city. They personally attend all the guest members and make all efforts to make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable. All guests, especially students and first time visitors to this wonderful city, are provided all the necessary information regarding transportation facilities, dining places, tourist attractions, daily performances, entertainment centers, shopping markets, etc. You thus save the charges for hiring a local guide for sight seeing.

Lots of people nowadays, inquire and book high quality rooms in an Edinburgh bed & breakfast by phone, fax or email, especially to stay during the festive season in the month of August and September. These good quality and cheap guest house Edinburgh are periodically maintained, well decorated, regularly painted, airy and bright, neat and clean. Also latest amenities similar to a hotel are now provided and include cozy beds, elegant decoration, stylish furniture, luxurious carpets, beautiful curtains, shower, large bath tub for bathing at leisure, lights, fan, AC, TV, radio, tea-coffee maker, etc.; to stay most comfortably.

Single, double or twin, triple, large, and family rooms in Edinburgh with additional cots, and queen and king size beds are readily available. You can also get special rooms to take care of small kids and children of all ages. Ultra modern facilities such as Wi-Fi, intercom, phone, fax, internet, etc.; to stay connected with your family, relatives, friends, and office members are also offered free of cost. Review the facilities offered from Ben Craig B&B at –

The morning breakfast is a free at the best bed and breakfast in Edinburgh. This Scottish food is hot, fresh and home made, tasty and nutritious. The guest house owners personally invite each and every guest for this high quality breakfast in the dining room. You can mix with other visitors and the local staff; and thus experience the tradition and culture of Scotland.

Many people also like to relax or have their breakfast, in the garden or balcony of a b&b in Edinburgh. Even laundry service is free and rooms are provided with iron and ironing board. You therefore save money for washing and ironing your clothes somewhere outside. Visitors are also offered free and secured car parking, just near the cheap bed and breakfast Edinburgh.

Written by Goral Patel

This post is written by Goral Patel for Ben Craig Guest House which is one of the best Bed and Breakfast in Edinburgh.

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