Factors that Make Bed and Breakfast Accommodation Edinburgh more Appealing

When it comes to staying in Edinburgh, whether stay for a family holiday or a lonely business trip, a guest house in Edinburgh offering bed and breakfast accommodation remains to be the prior choice of every visitor. There are a number of luxurious B&B guest homes in Edinburgh which promise to offer a comfortable stay to the visitors according to their requirements. These bed & breakfast Edinburgh accommodations are in many ways better than the traditional lodging homes or hotels found in the city. There are certain factors about the Edinburgh BB accommodation that make it so special and appealing to the visitors. Following are some of these.

Exquisite Facilities

Facilities found in B&B homes Edinburgh are almost similar or sometimes even much better than in a luxurious hotel. When it comes to luxuries, not all the hotels can offer the similar kind of facilities. While the five star or seven star hotels are splendid with luxuries at par, the regular or 3 star hotels are accommodated with ordinary facilitations. In a bed and breakfast accommodation you will find all the basic necessities required for your routine living. Apart from these basic facilities, most of them will also provide some exquisite facilities like free WiFi-fi, car parking, laundry services which can make a world of difference adding to your staying experience.

Comfort Level

For those looking for maximum comfort, only bed and breakfast accommodation in Edinburgh can be the right choice because home away from home is what B&B guest homes are referred as. Most of the BB homes offer the choicest accommodation as per ones the budget needs. These are equipped with different sorts of rooms like deluxe, super deluxe and family rooms and therefore can offer single, group and family accommodations and stay within ones budget. These rooms are usually well-furnished and equip modern facilities like AC, TV, music player, hair dryer etc. Therefore one can experience homely comfort while staying in these luxurious suites of B&B accommodation in Edinburgh.

Dedicated Servicing

Hospitality is at best in these rental Edinburgh accommodations. One can find 24 hours dedicated services in bed and breakfast homes and therefore can be satisfied with every requirement at any point of the time.

Affordable Stay

Above all factors comes the affordability of these bed and breakfast accommodations. B&& Edinburgh accommodation can provide facilities of five star hotels but at a much cheaper price as compared to these hotels and therefore are the prime choice of most of the visitors coming to the city for a short or long term stays.


Therefore there is nothing wrong in saying that Edinburghs bed and breakfast accommodations are the most comfortable staying options in the city whether for a short holiday with family or for an individual stay during the business trip. Visit http://www.bencraig.co.uk/facilities.html to learn about the facilities found in one of the best B&B accommodations in Edinburgh.

Book a Cheap Bed and Breakfast in Edinburgh to Enjoy a Pocket Friendly Holiday

Edinburgh is one of the best holiday destinations in the United Kingdom. Therefore innumerable tourists from all corners of the world come to this capital city of Scotland every year. You can also spend your holidays in Edinburgh and visit the various sight seeing places, such as the ancient structures, beautiful parks, art galleries, modern buildings, ghost walks, daily performances, historical places, sport centers, limousine rides, classic theatres, night life, royal palaces, Edinburgh Castle, National Museum, and many other tourist attractions. Moreover, people come here to enjoy the numerous traditional events and cultural festivals; that include the Scottish New Year, the International Festival of Edinburgh, etc.

Further all tourists visiting this amazing city require appropriate places to stay in Edinburgh. While some people book a hotel, many visitors prefer to stay in an Edinburgh bed & breakfast homes. This is mainly due to two reasons namely, cheap tariff and excellent hospitality. Hence, you should also book a cheap bed and breakfast in Edinburgh to enjoy a pocket friendly holiday. The money thus saved can be used for travelling, shopping, dining, sightseeing, etc. In fact, people travelling with their families can greatly benefit by staying in these cheap accommodation Edinburgh.

Moreover, the caring owners of a comfortable B&B in Edinburgh personally take care of all their guests and treat them just like family members. Hence you always feel as if you are staying in, a home away from your own home. Their staff is also trained to provide top grade services, hence both business travelers and vacations tourists always like to stay in these warm and cheap guest house Edinburgh, whenever they come to Edinburgh.

Another reason for staying at an Edinburgh B&B is that, breakfast is provided free of charge. Every morning the friendly owners personally call each and every visitor for having the best breakfast in Edinburgh in the common dining room. This gives you a chance to mix with the other visitors, and staff members while having a hot and fresh breakfast; and thus know more about the local people, local news, and the local culture. Besides, the tasty and wholesome Scottish meal helps to recharge your body, and also maintain your energy level while you travel around the city, throughout the day. This ultimately saves your money for having breakfast in some other restaurant. Check more B&B facilities at – http://www.bencraig.co.uk/facilities.html

Further, the helpful owners and cooperative staff can guide you, and give details related to transportation services, local areas, sightseeing points, shopping malls, eating places, entertainment centers, daily shows, special attractions, etc. You can thus avoid the charges of hiring a guide to move around in a new city. Nowadays, a cheap bed and breakfast Edinburgh offers several modern facilities that were earlier available only in hotels. They include very clean structures that are periodically maintained, regularly painted, and properly ventilated.

These cheap Edinburgh B&B offer nicely decorated rooms including family rooms Edinburgh; with many en-suite facilities and latest amenities. They also provide free laundry service, and free and secured car parking facility to all visitors.

Delight Your Stay at Luxurious Bed and Breakfast Guest House in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a famous holiday destination in the United Kingdom. This capital city of Scotland is renowned throughout the world for its glorious history, royal culture, ancient monuments, modern structures, beautiful scenery, etc. Hence, countless people visit this fascinating city every year and stay at an accommodation in Edinburgh that match their individual taste, particular requirements and budget limits.

Basically, tourists visiting Edinburgh either stay in a hotel or in a bed and breakfast. However, the hotel tariff is much higher, than the room charges of an Edinburgh b&b at http://www.bencraig.co.uk/tariff.html. Moreover, several modern amenities that were earlier available only in hotels; and are now provided at these comfortable, yet cheap guest house Edinburgh. Therefore just like many other visitors you can also opt for a bed breakfast Edinburgh; and thus delight your stay at a luxurious bed and breakfast guest house in Edinburgh.

Earlier there were few places to stay in Edinburgh, which were commonly known as inns. They were poorly maintained and without amenities. However, today, these untidy inns have been transformed into clean, comfortable and cheap B&B Edinburgh. An Edinburgh bed and breakfast is now a very well furnished guest house that also offers best breakfast in Edinburgh, free of cost. Besides this the property owners and staff members are generous and friendly, hence you feel like you are actually staying in your own home.

When you reach this wonderful city you can occupy a single, double or twin, triple, quad, or family rooms in Edinburgh at bed and breakfast. Moreover, large groups and big families are also provided extra beds, large sized and king-queen size beds. You can sleep comfortably in the cozy beds and wake up refreshed. Every morning each and every guest is invited personally by the house owners for a hot and delicious breakfast. This fresh Scottish food is served in the dining room, where you can blend with the other guests, staff and owners and thus experience the local traditions and know more about the local people. This wholesome breakfast also helps to re-energize your body for the rest of the day.

The staff of this B&B in Edinburgh is co-operative and the owners are also helpful. They can even arrange a sightseeing tour and guide their guests by offering information about cafes, shopping centers, local areas, entertainment places, tourist attractions, and transport facilities in Edinburgh. These days an Edinburgh bed & breakfast is a well maintained guest house that offers regularly painted, airy and bright, neat and clean rooms with stylish decor, classic curtains, royal carpets; soft beds, shower, large bathtubs, fan, lights, AC, drawers, closets, TV, DVD, radio, alarm, hair dryer, tea and coffee making machine, Wi-Fi connectivity,

Facilities Available in Good Bed & Breakfast Guest House

The bed and breakfast guest houses are quite reasonable in cost and provide the luxuries that are offered by the other expensive hotels. These are especially popular with the international guests. They offer luxurious facilities to their guests and make sure they are comfortable.

The luxury bed and breakfast guest houses permit the guests to stay for small duration also. So the travelers can cut down on their travel expenses. The guests feel comfortable in spacious bed rooms that have attached baths and are equipped with all the modern facilities.

These establishments are usually owner operated and as there are only a few rooms, you may have the entire place to yourself. The friendly and helpful hosts provide you all the information you need regarding the place, buses, taxis, places to visit and good places to eat. They are warm and hospitable, thinking and taking care to make your stay undisturbed and comfortable. The tariff for night stay with bed and breakfast facilities is very economic.

The B&B guest houses are well equipped with Wi-Fi, broadband internet, En-suite facilities in room, the indoor entertainment tools like TV and Radio. You can get the rooms of your choice on availability.  Tea/coffee making facilities are often a standard feature.

Some guest houses offer seasonal special rates, in the hope of attracting visitors from near and far. Complimentary chilled bottles of champagne, free hot chocolate before bed, candle-lit dinners or three nights for the cost of two are some of the offers made during festive season.

Bed and breakfast accommodation is a home away from home. The atmosphere is informal and you don’t need to dress formally for meals. As most of these establishments are run by the family, you get the personal touch like you can select the books or magazines to borrow, fruits or biscuits in the room, a selection of toiletries etc. They offer an option of continental or traditional cooked British breakfasts.

The breakfast offered is quite substantial with a variety of cheeses, cold meats, preserves, croissants, rolls and sometimes fruit or pastries. Tea, coffee and fruit juices are also available. The traditional English breakfast normally includes sausages, bacon, eggs, buttered toast, baked beans, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms.

The guest house staff is trained and professional, they provide the best hospitality, and know their responsibility, their services are homely, kind and generous.
The facilities available in a good bed & breakfast guest house are well comparable to a good star hotel with additional benefits of personal attention, more customer friendly, good and healthy breakfast and like a home type feeling which you will not feel in a hotel.

The staff of the guest house will arrange for your city tour if you wish and will also guide you for site seeing, restaurants, clubs and entertainment. They are flexible in their approach and are not rigid about the timings. They make you feel wanted, treasured and looked after.

The moment you walk in the door of a B & B you are greeted warmly, the clean and pleasant surroundings, with a touch of elegance make you feel right at home.

Top 10 Reasons for Choosing Bed & Breakfast to Stay in Edinburgh

Numerous tourists visit Edinburgh every year. Hence there are several places to stay in Edinburgh; however, many visitors prefer an Edinburgh bed and breakfast. The top 10 reasons for choosing bed & breakfast to stay in Edinburgh are as follows.

Reasonable Tariff

The affordable room rate is the main reason to opt for a cheap bed and breakfast Edinburgh. They provide several basic facilities at a cheaper rate. Vacation tourists and business travelers can therefore stay comfortably within their budget in a b&b in Edinburgh.

Homely Environment

A bed and breakfast Edinburgh Scotland is a home away from your home. This is due to the hospitality of the property owners and the staff of an Edinburgh b&b. They make all efforts to make you feel, as if you are staying in your home. If you are alone you do not feel lonely because you can mix with the other visitors and friendly staff members; and thus also experience the Scottish culture.

Dedicated Service

All the guests at a bed breakfast Edinburgh are treated like family members of a house. The guest house owners personally take care of every visitor. They ensure that you get all the required facilities and also provide information about the local areas and guidance regarding transportation for travelling around the city.

Fresh and Wholesome Breakfast

You can start your day with the best breakfast in Edinburgh at a b&b in Edinburgh. The caring owners specially invite you for having the home-made, tasty and healthy breakfast every morning. You thus get energized for the rest of the day, to move around the city for business or enjoyment.

Variety of Accommodation

There is always a room as per your specific needs in an Edinburgh bed & breakfast. If you are alone you can book a single room; and families can comfortably stay in a double/triple room, and groups can occupy large and spacious rooms that include king size beds or queen size beds. Hence both holiday tourists and corporate travelers can get a room of their choice at an Edinburgh b&b.

Latest Amenities

Besides the clean, well ventilated and decorated rooms, various modern facilities are offered in a bed breakfast Edinburgh; such as cozy beds, stylish furniture, shower, large bath tubs, centralized heating, color TV, radio, alarm, hairdryer, tea and coffee maker, etc.

Global Communication

In this digital age, the best b&b in Edinburgh provides a Wi-Fi internet connection, in order to enable their guests to remain in touch with their family, friends, relatives, business associates, etc.; even though they are far away.

Free Parking

All visitors at an Edinburgh bed & breakfast are also provided secured parking facilities, free of cost in the adjoining roads.

Laundry Facility

You can even get laundry services at a b&b in Edinburgh and also use an iron, and thus avoid paying laundry bills for washing and ironing your clothes outside.

Relax Outdoors

Guests can also have breakfast or rest outdoors in the patio or garden of an Edinburgh bed and breakfast. For more details as to why one should select bed & breakfast stay in Edinburgh along with the wide array of facilities, visit – http://www.bencraig.co.uk/facilities.html

What to Look for in a Perfect Bed & Breakfast Guest House in Scotland?

Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland. It is well known for its historical structures, lively festivals, traditional culture, and gorgeous sight seeing places. Hence it is frequently visited by several tourists from all over the world. Even corporate travelers make regular business trips to Edinburgh. However, good accommodation in Edinburgh is very costly. Therefore both tourists and businessmen opt to stay in cheap guest house Edinburgh. Moreover, since there are many places to stay in Edinburgh; most of the visitors need some guidance to select a suitable and cheap bed and breakfast Edinburgh.

Following are the main factors that can be find at http://www.bencraig.co.uk/facilities.html and you should look for in a perfect bed & breakfast in Edinburgh, Scotland. To begin with the Edinburgh b&b must be situated near the centre of the city; so that you can easily reach all the tourist places and commercial centers. On the other hand, if you decide to stay in a bed and breakfast Edinburgh Scotland, which is located far away from the central district of the city; you will just expend more time and money for travelling to the places of interest.

Secondly you should ensure that the selected b&b in Edinburgh provides the accommodation as per your requirements. For instance, if you are travelling alone a single room or one bed in double room should be readily available. And a family room or quad room with double beds and large cupboards should be available, in case you are with your family. Moreover the guest house should be clean and well maintained; and regularly painted and nicely decorated; should have enough drawers, cupboards and cozy beds, large bathtubs, and have adequate lighting and proper ventilation, and also provide sufficient and free parking space, etc.

Further you should make sure before booking your room, that the Edinburgh bed & breakfast provides fresh, hygienic, nutritious, home made and tasty breakfast. Otherwise you will unnecessarily have to spend extra money for having a good breakfast in some other restaurant or cafe. This is due to the fact that there are some places to stay in Edinburgh that just offer cold and tasteless cereal.

Also confirm that the accommodation in Edinburgh has a garden or balcony so that you can relax and enjoy your breakfast in the fresh air. Besides this, in case any person has an allergy for pets or any type of food item; you should inform the owner, manager or staff, of the b&b Edinburgh well in advance, so that they can take care, and also provide suitable rooms and food accordingly.

Moreover choose an Edinburgh b&b that provides laundry service; otherwise as you will have to get it done somewhere outside. You will thereby have to expend more time for giving and collecting your clothes, and also spend extra money for paying laundry bills. In case you are on a business tour you must verify that the b&b in Edinburgh provides Wi-Fi internet facility in your room. This is necessary as businessmen have to communicate with their business associates.

Make your Trip to Edinburgh Memorable with Stay at Ben Craig Bed & Breakfast Guest House

A comfortable and a cosy place to sleep and energise yourself when you are on the go is the most important thing to consider. In fact, a crucial necessity that will ensure the trip to be good, because a good nights sleep does it all to keep you pepped up throughout the entire day a followed by a hearty, sumptuous and nutritive homely breakfast. What more can a person want? Who would not want to start a day in such a way!

Situated in the heart of Scotland’s capital city of Edinburgh, is a warmest abode. The Ben Craig Bed & Breakfast guest house. The commitment to make you comfortable and at home, catering to your smallest of wishes also, is absolute. A trip to Edinburgh offers trips to castles and distilleries, country parks and excellent restaurants, from city sightseeing buses to ghost walks, limousine rides and unique trike excursions besides attractions like the iconic Edinburgh Castle to the National Museum of Scotland, great theatres offering excellent shows to the activity sport centres and outdoor attractions. B&B offers you the finest base in which to enjoy your stay in Edinburgh accommodation . Each one, be it a business visitor, tourist, a family. all are welcomed with genuine hospitality to make your stay a truly memorable one. Room Tariff for B&B Edinburgh are much low and affordable comparative to hotels in Edinburgh.

Scotland occupies the northern third of the island of Great Britain in the British Isles. Most of Scotland is mountainous. The countrys rugged mountains, green valleys and deep blue lakes provide some of the most beautiful scenery in Europe. Industrialization has eliminated some of Scotlands old traditions and the way of life. But the Scots have kept many symbols of their long and colourful history—especially of their fierce struggles for independence. Parades at Edinburgh Castle, once a home of Scotlands kings, feature troops who wear kilts and march to the music of the bagpipes. Scottish soldiers still guard their countrys ancient royal crown in the castle, and the royal flag of Scotland still flies over the castle walls.

Most Scottish cooking is simple. The peoples favourite dishes include herring, mutton stew, roast beef and roast lamb. They also enjoy high-quality steaks from their countrys famous Aberdeen-Angus cattle. Other popular foods include haggis, kippers, oatmeal, and, salmon. Haggis is a famous national dish made from the heart, liver, and lungs of a sheep or calf. These ingredients are chopped with suet (animal fat), onions, oatmeal and seasonings and then boiled in bag made from a sheeps stomach. Kippers are smoked herring and are a favourite breakfast dish. Oatmeal is used in many Scottish dishes, including porridge and oatcakes (crackers), both of which are popular for breakfast. Salmon is served smoked, grilled, or poached. Salmon taken from Scottish waters is considered one of the worlds tastiest foods. The favourite alcoholic drink of Scotland is Scotch whisky, or Scotch. The Scots have been making whisky since the 1400.

Scotlands huge open lands make excellent recreational areas. The Scots invented Golf in the 1100, and it is still one of their favourite games.

Why to Choose B&B accommodation in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a popular destination for millions of tourists. Edinburgh offers glorious historic sites, museums and art galleries and traditional Scottish pubs and golf courses. Bed & Breakfast accommodation in Edinburgh offers comfortable, friendly, cosy family-like atmosphere. In fact, it is the accommodation with a feeling! They make you feel pampered, with a personal touch that is matchless. The options for your stay in a B&B are as practical for a backpacker as for a high-flying business executive. Bed & Breakfast guest houses pose a wonderful alternative to the cold, impersonal hotels. It is like a family staying happily together. If you want to experience the real feel and magic of the place throughout your entire visit then you should really give B & B a chance.

While staying at a Bed & Breakfast accommodation in Edinburgh, you are sure to enjoy the same level of comfort as in a five star hotel, the difference being that they are warmer in their approach, cosy furniture and more personal amenities. Here, everyone is friendly and informal. Each one shares their views and experiences with the local atmosphere, providing you with valuable information and tips on places to visit or where to eat, thus saving you a lot of time and energy. All the guides available can never match to the inside help and guidance when you have to explore the place. Certainly, a touch of local hospitality with facilities at http://www.bencraig.co.uk/facilities.html would be great when you visit Edinburgh. While staying at a B&B rooms you will be much more at home as you are in your own private bedroom. They are decorated with style and taste with losing the warmth and the local charm combined with enchantment and uniqueness. Food is often home-cooked and far better and original. The hosts sole focus is on the comfort of the guests. The breakfast is served in the dining room wherein all get together, enjoying a quiet and an unforgettable getaway. While staying in a Bed & Breakfast guest house, your entire stay becomes delightful, comfortable, charming and relaxing. You will not find such hearty, home-made and delicious breakfasts in a hotel. As the cost of a wonderful breakfast is already included in your charges you will not have to pay any extra amount to eat. Hotels are commercial places and often have a careless attitude and concern, while a B&B in Edinburgh is normally owned by individuals and thus they constantly strive for your overall satisfaction. It is a wonderful treat and one can make maybe lifelong friends when they meet on informal grounds and with lots of opportunity to get to know each other so well, which is never possible in a formal setting of a hotel. Bed & Breakfast places would never give you a feeling of claustrophobia as in a single closed hotel room. Besides, B&B accommodation is a unique way to maintain a balance between your pleasure and your expenses. And, one can use the money saved by not checking in an expensive hotel in other things like shopping, eating out and other miscellaneous expenditure.

Ben Craig Guest House Stay – Most Comfortable & Pleasant than Hotels in Edinburgh

There are many reasons to select Ben Craig guest house for stay in Edinburgh rather than to spend more cost in expensive hotels in Edinburgh. The same types of services and luxuries you will find here with super clean rooms equipped with all amenities you need for short stay in Edinburgh. If you are a visitor, traveler or tourist and curious to know about the Scotland culture, Ben Craig guest house is the best place to enjoy the world class hosting from small but very much beautiful guest house. This Edinburgh bed and breakfast guest house is most popular, known and reachable from every corner of the city with good city transport system. If you are new to the city, you need not have to worry. Just ring the guest house customer care number or drop the Email to book your rooms. If you need any help for commutation, the service staff is very much co-ordinate to facilitate or guide for the same.

The tariff for night stay in single, double, triple or twin rooms with bed facilities are very much economic compare to Edinburgh hotels. The B&B guest house is well equipped with Wi-Fi, broadband internet, En-suite facilities in room, the indoor entertainment tools like TV, Radio and everything to make your holidays more comfortable and pleasant. You can get the rooms of your choice on availability. The guest house staff is trained and professional to cater the best hospitality, as they know about their responsibility to create a good reputation of their city in visitors mind and heart with their homely kind and generous services. The B&B guest house is at the perfect location in Edinburgh that you can reach to any destination or places with quick available transportation. This B&B guest house services is a well equivalent to a good star hotels with additional benefits of personal attention, more customer friendly, good and healthy breakfast and own home type feeling that you never feel in your hotel stay.

With comfortable night stay, in the morning you can have delicious tasty breakfast to make your day more energetic. You can discuss with the homely staff members and managers, if you need city travel guide or help. They can arrange for your city tour and can guide you better for site seeing, restaurants, clubs and entertainment to enjoy in Edinburgh. This all can be a bit difficult or feel awkward while talking to four star or five star hotel staff. The guest house stay feels your home stay, far away to your home by keeping your pocket and mood both happy. Contact Ben Craig B&B Guest House and Book your stay Today – http://www.bencraig.co.uk/contact.html

What is B&B Guest House? – Why one should go for this Stay Option?

Bed & Breakfast guest house is really an innovative concept that had developed along with the time and now have established professionally in many cities of the world. The house owners having up to 10 extra rooms can start providing this type of services to the visitors and travelers to the city. This is like a small guest house where one can get a short stay with bed and breakfast. This was the most affordable stay option in small cities. But now this staying facility has been extended to big and metro cities also. The Bed & breakfast rooms and services have been provided by professional staff with more care and love rather than treating visitor as a customer.

This is the good and most economic staying option for a stranger to the city. Booking is so easy on internet. Even you can check B&B room facilities, tariff and type of services to be extended to you if you will be their guest. Advanced booking will make you confirm of getting good rooms at best affordable price and you can save money of hotel stay that can be extremely costly in big cities.

Here at bed and breakfast guest house, one will get the most homely environment with good care takers that can look into your stay issues personally and do needful to make your stay more comfortable and joyful. For students and new comers to the city, this is the best affordable living option with more personal care. These types of guest houses offer luxurious bedroom for your stay with all required amenities like fan, AC, shower bathroom with good faculties, wi-fi, internet connections, parking facilities and much more. As a short stay guest house, you can stay in such guest house for several days as per confirmation with the owner. Here you will get the stay as well the breakfast for the day. For visitors or travelers, this is a good facility to learn from local culture and local traditions. These way visitors can meet the regional living flavor.

Even if you are newlywed couple, at B&B guest house, you will get the homely treatment far at remote location. This small living setup can give you warmth welcome, and best treatment and services. In morning, get your breakfast at your bed or move to dining hall and take delicious food in your breakfast talking with others and the owner. B&B guest house is similar to somewhat like serviced apartments like an economic staying but different in many ways like you can get here breakfast only prepared by the guest house. You dont have separate kitchen and amenities to make your own food like you can get facilitate in serviced apartments. Though this is the most favored and prompt stay option.

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland is having such B&B guest house scattered in city all the way to serve the local and international visitors. Ben Craig B&B guest house is one of the most popular short stay accommodations in Edinburgh that the hospitality and services one cannot forget once visited here. If you are planning to fly out to Edinburgh on business trip or to spend your holidays, you are most welcome to your second home at Edinburgh.