Finding Bed and Breakfast in Edinburgh

Visitors to the UK usually spend a few days in Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland and considered as the most desirable city worth to be visited. There are various reasons due to which you would never like to miss spending some time in Edinburgh like its night life, culture, heritage, architectural buildings, museums etc. In short, Edinburgh has its own exclusive beauty and appeal which cannot be found in any other city in UK. Above all, there is an art festival held every year in Edinburgh which is one of the Europes biggest and finest events. People from all over the world come to attend that event. There are also other events and festivals being conducted in Edinburgh which are famous globally and so there are many people visiting Edinburgh throughout the year for holidays or business opportunities. With so many people visiting Edinburgh throughout the year, it is not surprising that the need of accommodation is always on high demand. There are many accommodation options available in Edinburgh like hotels, hostels, serviced apartments, guest houses etc. But, if you really want to enjoy your stay in a Scottish style, a bed and breakfast in Edinburgh would be the perfect choice. Many people would prefer large hotel chains as they are renowned in offering high class facilities which they think that they would not get in a guest house which is entirely a myth.

Why Are Guest Houses Better Than Hotels?

Before finding bed and breakfast guest house in Edinburgh, it is important to understand that why staying in guest house is better than staying in hotel which can be explained below:-

  • The biggest advantage of staying in a bed and breakfast Edinburgh is its hospitality and friendly atmosphere. The hotels have a professional kind of restaurant and each and every guest is treated in a very professional manner. Whereas, in a guest house the guests are delighted with the personalised treatment provided by the friendly staff at the guest house in Edinburgh.
  • The guest houses in Edinburgh are having a wonderful ambience just like a hotel has but, the guest houses are designed with an extra personal touch which gives a feeling as if you are in your own home and the hotel lacks that kind of personal touch.
  • The cost factor is always important when you are on a holiday. By staying in a guest house you save lot of money which you cannot save while paying heavy bills of lodging and boarding at expensive hotel.
  • The guest house gives you the freedom of spending time in the lounge area when you get bored of sitting in your room. Of course, the hotel suites come with a living room and bedroom but not everybody has so much money to stay in an expensive hotel suite.

Now, if you are convinced with the idea of staying in a guest house instead of a hotel while on your trip to Edinburgh, the question may be arising in your mind as to how to find the best guest house to make your trip comfortable and memorable one. So, just follow the steps below and you are definitely going to land on a guest house which is as per your preferences.

  • Search on the internet using the keyword bed and breakfast Edinburgh or guesthouse in Edinburgh. You will definitely find a list of renowned guest houses in Edinburgh offering bed and breakfast facility at affordable prices
  • Just go through the facilities and the tariff charged by the guest houses and choose the one which is perfect as per your preferences – for example the location you require, number of people with you etc.
  • After short listing some of the best guest houses in Edinburgh, just read the customer reviews for the guest houses. Always choose a guest house in Edinburgh which has more satisfied customers which will give you an assurance that you are not going to stay in a not so good guest house in Edinburgh.
  • Also, check whether the website of that guest house has online booking facility or not. If the guest house in Edinburgh you have selected has online booking facility, reserve your room immediately as booking in advance will ensure your stress free holiday.

To be concluded, to have a memorable and enjoyable holiday it is better to choose the accommodation wisely and if you are in search of the best guest house in Edinburgh or bed and breakfast in Edinburgh, visit which will make your job easier and simpler.

Written by Goral Patel

This post is written by Goral Patel for Ben Craig Guest House which is one of the best Bed and Breakfast in Edinburgh.

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