Tips for Finding Cheap Accommodation in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the beautiful capital of Scotland. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United Kingdom. This city is also one of the most visited places in Europe. There are lots of hotels to stay in this reputed Edinburgh city; however accommodation in Edinburgh is comparatively costly. Hence, many visitors prefer to stay in an affordable bed and breakfast in Edinburgh. Following are some tips for finding cheap accommodation in Edinburgh city.

First of all, you should decide the right time to visit Edinburgh. It is better to avoid the festive season in August, due to heavy rush and higher rates, as all the hotels and restaurants are almost full. In case you wish to enjoy the festival, you should book a hotel in advance, and thus save your money. Otherwise you can visit Edinburgh during the off-season, such as the winter or spring, as the rates is relatively less.

Secondly, it is advisable not to stay on weekends especially on Saturdays, because the rates are always higher. Alternately you should preferably stay on a Sunday or Monday; since accommodation is available at almost half the price on these days. Further, you should select a suitable hotel, from the numerous hotels that are near the city center. You can thus easily reach the important sight seeing places, the walking tours, the theater, the daily attractions, and the night life of Edinburgh. This is due to the fact that, even though accommodation is cheaper outside the city; you will actually have to spend more time and money, for traveling to and from the central district.

The best way is to plan your trip and book the appropriate hotel in advance. If many people are traveling together, you can make a group booking at discount rates. In case, you are traveling alone you may stay by sharing a double room, or find a single room hotel. And, if you are traveling with your family and need accommodation for 3 persons, it may be costly to book two double rooms. Hence it is better to stay in family rooms Edinburgh or in a serviced apartment.

Further, in case you intend to stay for more than three days, you will be offered a discounted price. It is also beneficial to book an Edinburgh bed and breakfast at – This is because breakfast is provided at lower prices in such hotels, compared to a local restaurant. Hence it is cheaper than booking a room at one place and having breakfast at another place. In fact, you can only save money by not having your breakfast.

Besides this, always request for an above average room and avoid the smallest, least preferred room. Also mention this during an advance booking. This helps you to choose and get a room that has a better view. You can thereby make the most of your time and money. Finally book a hotel where you do not have to pay extra charges such as deposit amount, administration charges, credit card charges, sales tax etc.

Written by Goral Patel

This post is written by Goral Patel for Ben Craig Guest House which is one of the best Bed and Breakfast in Edinburgh.

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